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Family Day!


Unfortunately, we missed the fact that Monday the 26th was "Family Day" (thanks Dubya). We should all still celebrate, however.

I also think Tucker Carlson has a great point.

I propose that we celebrate “Family Day" by advancing legislation that finally offers real help for families. The proposed “Parents’ Tax Relief Act of 2005" (HR 3080, S 1305) is the most important piece of pro-family legislation to be introduced in decades. Initially sponsored by Lee Terry (R – NE) in the House and by Sam Brownback (R – KS) in the Senate, this new bill recognizes the value of the parental care of small children and would expand the child care choices of all new mothers and fathers. It affirms marriage as a public good and would restore recognition of the marital couple as an economic partnership.

Hat-tip Family Scholars.

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Important new book


Congratulations to Elizabeth Marquadt of the Family Scholars blog on the publication of her new book: Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce. I've been checking her blog out for a few months out, and I think that her book will be very helpful in our national debate on family issues.

You can buy it here.

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Can married parents reduce crime?


"Can married parents reduce crime?" (WARNING: .pdf) from the Institute for Mattiage and Public Policy.

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One for Mama Lu

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For all young mothers aspiring for large families.

"God Equips the Called" from Danielle Bean on Catholic Exchange.

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