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Champaign Burned



"Why my son was late to his Friday morning art class"


"Because traffic downtown isn't bad enough"

The Metropolitan Building, a 130+ year-old building in downtown Champaign (across the street from 02, kitty corner from Jim Gould's, caught fire early this morning, collapsing just after firefighters arrived, damaging several nearby buildings and causing a major PITA for those of us trying to navigate downtown.

The News-Gazette has a neato slide-show and this Picasa website has some more.

The building was being renovated and no injuries seem to have been reported.

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Hurry, Hurry, Hurry


This is Mama-Lu. Chris usually edits my posts so please excuse any problems and the absence of my special font color. I'll have him fix it when he get home tonight [fixed--ed]. Since these are time sensitive and I forgot before he left, I'm flying solo.

  1. Time is almost up to register for the Smart Martha Seminar taking place at St. Matthew's in Champaign on November 15th. Learn new ideas about having a faith-filled family and managing your house. Plus, spend the day with other women who are trying figure these things out too.

    For more info, visit the Smart Martha website, and to register go to our parish website

    I've heard good things!

  2. Scoot on over to Seaside Tales for a chance to win one of my duck puppets. Enter by Friday!

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My stupid, stupid county


We had three proposed tax hikes on the ballot this year. A property tax increase to fund county forest preservation, a property tax increase to fund township services to very poor folks and a sales tax increase to fund school buildings. I voted for the first two and against the last (shame on them for proposing a regressive sales tax to fund schools).

Well, none of them passed, which is not too surprising since who the hell really wants to pay more taxes? But what gets me is that the first two were landslides, 2-1 in the case of the township tax, while the school tax came within 300 votes of passing. It just goes to show that some people will vote for anything, even increasing the tax burden on the poorest citizens, in the name of education.

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