After the Smart Martha Seminar


by Mama-Lu

A few weeks back I posted that I would be attending a Smart Martha Seminar. Last Saturday, I did.

As I expected, there were no earth shattering revelations, but I left highly motivated and validated. I can admit skepticism now (three boys, a clean house and sanity? in this lifetime? right), because the seminar really was useful. It was nice to share problems most mothers face in a positive "what can we do about it without going crazy" kind of way. Plus I got some new ideas.

So, now what have I done? That afternoon, I came home and asked Chris to finish building our compost bins. Then we shredded a month's worth of the Wall Street Journal. It felt great! I also started removing all toys from the boys' room. This project stalled because we have some sickies here.

I have a whole list of other projects to tackle. It's pretty much the same list I had before the seminar. This was just a good push in the right direction. Next on the list is signing up for adoration.

Since the seminar, I've been wondering what other attendees have done. It occured to me that if I am using this blog to crow, others could too, maybe every Friday. If you have a Martha or Mary victory to brag about leave it in the comments.

Here's to happy homes!

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