You got a genius baby over here! (A guest post from Mama-Lu)

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"You got a genius baby over here!"

A boy from across the street said that to me after having a conversation with Matthew about how to process walnuts. I was not surprised. Even as a newborn, Matthew was alert, strong and already "talking," though he never cooed like some babies -- he litigated. I have always known that Matthew has a good mind, fierce independence, and tremendous enthusiasm for life.

As a baby, Charlie's astounding physical ability soon set him apart. Walking by 9 months was a feat in itself, but watching him push himself up to a standing position without holding onto anything at 8 months was, to me, even more shocking. Now it's not surprising to see him pull off with grace things that make other mothers tremble.

Then along came Tony. His great talent seemed to be sleeping. When he began crawling at 6 months it was a surprise, but not terribly remarkable after Charlie. But once he became mobile, I began to see that he has a great talent for solving his own problems.

All of my boys are very bright and they challenge me to keep up with them every day. However, I think the title "genius" will have to go to Tony, who recently said his first word. Granted, saying one word at 9 months is not miraculous. It was his choice of words: "Mama."

Yes, I got a genius baby over here!

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Chris, I have to admit. I'm a little bias. I get extra excited when I see the purple ink. Thanks for the update on the sharpest trio east of the Rio. (Hmm, maybe they take after their poetic auntie?)Jenny I can hardly wait until I can see my dear nephews. God bless each of you!!!

That's OK! I like posting what she writes! It takes the pressure off.


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