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I do not want to be an angry blogger. For that reason, I am going to limit my complaints, rants, and general grousing to Wednesdays. [Ed. note: Here's where I mention that Mama-Lu will be contributing thrice weekly.] Today, children's pajamas. Doesn't sound like a problem, does it? First, I received sticker shock. If I can buy sweats for $10, why not pajamas? Then, I was surprised by the slim lack of choices.

Being in a crafty, thrifty mood, I said, "That's ok. I'll make my own." Off to the fabric store I went. There I found a pattern on sale and started looking for fabric. Here is where I hit a brick wall. The store had about 8 different kinds of flame resistant fabric (naturally mostly girly) and they cost 12 dollars a yard! (Also they were all made in Taiwan, but I'll save that for another Wednesday.) It seems that the federally required flame resistant fabric is not easy or cheap to make.

So, do children really need to be in flame resistant pajamas? I don't know anything about the history of this law or the research to support it (if there is any.) Yet, I feel compelled to buy flame resistant pajamas for my children. Part of me rationally says that it probably doesn't matter, but another part of me sees a child going up in smoke. I do not want to buy into this law, but I cannot escape the guilt it imposes. Let's just hope I can resolve my internal conflict before Matthew notices that his pajama pants keep getting shorter.

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So, do children really need to be in flame resistant pajamas?

Ours aren't. We don't smoke in bed and our kids sleep in the same room we do. We sort of figure that the flame retardant chemicals present a statistically more significant threat than not.

Tight-fitting pjs are actually okay too, the way I understand US code. The Disney store just makes their pjs tight fitting without flame retardant chemicals.

Oh, yeah. I've heard about the tight-fitting option, that merits investgation. Before attempting to purchase fabric, the flame retardant chemicals had never cross my mind. After hearing about the process, the flannel seemed to have had a strange green glow.


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