The Musical Fruit

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by Mama-Lu

In these tight times, I recommend eating beans. They are nutritious and cheap, and can be delicious. They do have some side effects, but when you are with your family (which you have to be because you cannot afford to go out,) that is not so bad.

The trick to great beans is to start with dry beans. After attempting to cook dry beans many times, I had given up. They always came out tough! Then I read an article in Cook's Illustrated which gave me the secret ingredient -- salt. If you add a generous amount of salt to your soaking liquid, the bean skins will melt in your mouth. The other trick is to keep out acids (tomatoes) until the end.

To prepare my family's favorite black beans, simply boil 1 cup of cleaned beans in 6 cups of salted water (or broth) for about 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let them sit for about and hour. Return to medium heat, add a diced onion and cook for about 45 minutes. Add 2 cans of diced tomatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. These beans, served over a simple rice pilaf, make a fabulous comfort food and a very cheap meal.

Happy Eating!

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Beans? Living in So. CA I have learned a few things about beans. Tip to reduce the music: soak the beans over night. Rinse them the next day and start again with clean water. Cooking with lots of onion or garlic also helps. Tip learned the hard way: if pinto beans are not quite done, thinking you can just put them throught the food processor does not work. Its is very unique, but not very good. :P

I hadn't heard the overnight soaking tip. Remembering to soak the night before is not easy for me, but now I have some extra motiation!

Hmmm... I can't help but to feel somehow implicated in all of this.


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