Pray for my sister!

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by mama-Lu

This year on December 28th, my sister will make her final profession as a Carmelite with the Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. We are very happy for her and excited about visiting. Please keep her in your prayers are she prepares for this blessed event. (I should also add that Sister Mary Louise is a regular reader here so if you would like to leave a message that you are praying for her, she will see it.)

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I use a lot for work. If you are flying on an airline other than United (who will only send vouchers for the next flight) you should be able to enter your flight info and get notified if the price drops. If you don't want to register, email me your flight info, and I'll keep an eye on it for you. If the price drops, you should be able to call the airline and get a refund for the difference.

Thanks Monika!

Yes! Please do pray for her. It is 65 days away...but who's counting?! Jenny, I am checking on the American Airlines story. I will let you know. Also, the reflections I wrote and gave to Mom when I was there should be posted on the CMSWR website soon. Well, as soon as I get them edited. So maybe not TOO soon:) I am praying for everyone that profession will be a DEEP experience of the love of God for each of us. He is SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

Ooops! I forgot to mention, if you visit our website ( there is a video of our community under "Who We Are" Takes a little while to download (we're working on it) but it does give a beautiful overview of our congregation. Enjoy!


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