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This report paints a much less benign and much more disturbing picture.

An informant working with the UI police officers investigating Layden told a Champaign County judge Wednesday that he has known Layden since 2007 and used cocaine with him "40 to 50 times" in the last seven months in Layden's office in the Newman Center, 604 E. Armory Ave., C, and in Layden's residence in the rectory across the street at 1007 S. Sixth St., C.

The informant spelled out for Judge Harry Clem his relationship and contacts with Layden in order for police to obtain search warrants for Layden's office and residence. Clem issued those warrants Wednesday, and UI police investigators searched the office and residence and collected several items of evidence, including about 3 grams of powder cocaine, Interim UI Police Chief Jeff Christensen said...

First Assistant State's Attorney Steve Ziegler said in court Thursday that the UI police monitored a cocaine purchase by the informant from Layden on Sept. 4. That alleged transaction occurred in a garage at the Newman Center after Layden obtained drugs from his car, according to Ziegler.

Police also monitored the informant in a Sept. 9 purchase of cocaine from Layden. On that day, Ziegler said, the informant met Layden at the Newman Center to arrange a buy. Layden then drove to another location in Urbana where police believe he picked up the drugs, then returned to the Newman Center. He then sent a text message to the informant saying the drugs were ready for delivery.

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Just wanted to assure you of my prayers. Seems like the Diocese continues to be hit hard. It does, however, make me understand even more why God called me to be a Carmelite and pray for priests. Doesn't mean exactly what I thought it meant when I entered nine years ago, but I truly love my vocation. Mary Mother of Priests, pray for us.

Anytime news like this is reported its painful to the entire body of the Catholic Church especially to those who may personally know the accused. The most important thing to remember is that although sin does seem to creep into all aspects of human life, it does not prevail. Christ has the ability to "write strait with crooked lines". What do I mean by this? I mean that Our Lord Jesus wastes nothing, and can use situations like this to bring about good. How does he do this? Its all part of his mystery, but take for example the first twelve aposles choosen by Christ, these men were far from perfect and had many falls, one of them even committed a horrible sin by betraying Jesus. But despite all this Jesus was able to use it to bring about his Love for all of mankind by his Sorrowful Passion. Just remember, it says in scripture that there will be all kinds of attacks against the Church but that the Church will prevail against the gates of Hell. Satan uses sin to tempt and cause good men and woman to fall, but dont hate the person hate the sin. We need to pray for the accused and for the victims of the accused. We need to pray that the Holy Priesthood is strengthened and pray for Priests and Religious to overcome temptations of any sort. Most important, realize that sin is what the enemy is. Trust in Jesus and in his Church. God Bless You.


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