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I Learned Today...

  • ...to ease back in to bike riding.
  • ...to bandage up all open wounds before bike riding.
  • ...not to layer shirts when it's over 80 degrees.
  • ...that Green St. between Mattis and Prospect is way hillier the same strip of John St.
  • ...that the library is farther from my house than I thought
  • ...that I need to build up to the 7+ mile commute to work -- and that it will probably take me about 45 -50 minutes one way.
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If you read this blog using rss feeds, the old feeds are no good anymore. I wil get you the new feed addresses as soon as I know they're working. I'm not sure how you will know this if you only use the feeds to know when i update, but, hey, that's life.

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I Have Dreams


Last night I dreamt that a friend started an order:The Canons of Wrigley Field. If only.

I haven't watched Bull Durham in about 6 years. Honest.

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Peoria Diocese gains a defender


This is not the kind of story you usually come across at espn.com:

When he was playing professional soccer in Chile, Chase Hilgenbrinck would seek comfort in the churches to satisfy his spiritual needs and remind him of childhood Sundays spent at Holy Trinity in his hometown of Bloomington, Ill.

Even after moving back to the United States last Christmas to play Major League Soccer -- a dream of his, but just one of them -- Hilgenbrinck felt the pull of his religion...

Hilgenbrinck accepted the calling on Monday when he left the New England Revolution and retired from professional soccer to enter a seminary, where he will spend the next six years studying theology and philosophy so he can be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest....

A 26-year-old defender who was the captain of the Revolution's reserve team, Hilgenbrinck will attend Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md. After finishing his studies, he will report to his home parish in Peoria, Ill., for assignment.

Hat-tip to Indiana Brandon!

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New Look

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Obviously, this blog is undergoing changes. It will take a while, as I stubbornly prefer to figure out this stuff on my own (and since I don't quite have the same amount of free time as I did 4 years and three boys ago when I set most of this stuff up). But rest assured, what you see is not the finished product.

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Well this is a nice story

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For all the Saints


Miracles approved for Bl. Damien of Molokai to be canonized and for St. Therese's parents to be beatified.

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