Happy Easter!

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A bit belated, but you get the picture!

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What cute boys!! We hope to see you soon!

These beautiful boys make me laugh because I see past the rosy cheeks, crisp shirts and well groomed hair . . . . I see the real deal . . .juice stained smiles, dirty hands and faces, a shoe here, a shoe there, socks that have disappeared throughout the day's journey, etc. etc. etc. Come on now, who are you trying to fool!!!

They are gorgeous!!! Love to all of you!

Aunt Criss

They're quite handsome kids, Chris. Are they taking after you or the wife?

They generally take after my side. Matthew, the oldest, looks a lot like my sister, Charlie the midle-child looks like a cousin of mine, and right now, Tony resembles nobody so much as his brothers, though I also think he has more of his mothers' features than the other two.

Tempramentally, they're all over the map. Matthew is outgoing and loves people, which means he's pretty much like neither of us. Charlie is in an extended grumpy phase, whch is a bit more like his parents, though his lasts all day, whereas we're usually OK by the time our coffee kicks in (hmm... maybe I should be brewing Charlie an extra cup). And Tony is the mellowest baby we've had yet -- he sleeps better than his brothers did at this age and indeed some nights he sleeps better than Charlie does now.

Cute is an understatement. Having recently been blessed by spending several days with these beautiful boys, I can testify that Papa and Mama Lu have been given three (so far) tremendous gifts. And that they are doing a great job raising them. What an awesome family I have!!!


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