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To be Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church!


If you're going to the vigil tonight, say a prayer for Tony D, who will be Baptized this evening.

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Now THAT's a cute baby. Congratulations!

Hey! That baptismal gown looks familiar! Oh I know, I wore that 27 years ago when I was baptized, as did my sister before me and the six that would follow us. Come to think of it, Tony is the 11th child to be baptized in that gown. I believe in the communion of Saints!

Thanks you two! Tony has a big kiss saved up for his Auntie Sister.

I am blessed to count Sr. Mary Louise among my friends...along with many other sisters in Alhambra. I am originally from Chicago, so you can understand why I would "hang out" with her. I also want to add that Anthony is a great looking baby...very beautiful. Sister tells me that she looked this cute when she was born. ;-D
I believe her!
Love your site and I intend to visit OFTEN. You are a consummately open, candid and normal individual. I love what you're doing here.
Keep up the great work!

Wow, what a lovely comment. Thank you very much and please visit here anytime!


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