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"What's that Matthew?"

"It's my Hehcut!"

"What? Is it a plane?"

"Yeah! It's my Hehcut"

"Oh. I see. Hey, you drew it from two different angles! There's the side view and there's the view from above! That's really great! Is it a fighter plane?"

"Yeah! It's my Hehcut"

"Okay.... Babe, do you know what a 'hehcut' is?

"No, let me see... oh... did you see this on Babo's 'Dogfights' DVD?"

"Yeah! Do you like my Hehcut?"

"Yes it's great! Are you saying 'Hellcat?'"

"Yeah, that's right! It's my Hellcat!"

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I almost fell off my chair laughing at this! I think I just woke up the boys...

Hope all is well with the family and especially the newest addition.

God Bless.

Hi Brian! Thanks for coming by! I thought it was pretty funny, too, but I have to be careful who I tell, I think I scandalized some of my coworkers... :)


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