Way to go animal rights nuts!

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Horse slaughtering was banned in Illinois this year. Has that spared horses the cruelty of being treated like... um... every other animal? Of course not! Now they're all crammed into trailers and shipped under grueling conditions to Mexico where the slaughterhouses (and the jobs!) went. Well, all except for the ones that won't yield enough meat to justify the increased shipping costs -- those are just shot. Congratulations PETA!

By the way, Catrin Einhorn is awesome. The New York Times should totally give her a raise. Tray ball!

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this is the sort of coo-coo caca that always happens when the libs displace their compassion. when will they get it? they're like the monkies that refuse to let go of the banana. maybe this time. maybe this time. maybe this time. makes me sad. =0(

Well, half-heartedly in their defense, they envision eventually getting rid of the ones in Mexico too -- good luck with that!

Maybe next time!


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