Meet Anthony David

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Born January 30, 2008 at 11:15 AM


7 lbs 8 oz -- 20 in long -- brown hair, brown eyes


Delivered by some guy named Dr. Smith because our midwife couldn't get there in time. Jenny couldn't hold back and the baby was already crowned, so our nurse grabbed an off duty doctor who was standing in the hall who came into our room wearing a Hawaiian shirt to -- as he put it -- "make sure the baby didn't fall on the floor."


Little Tony is happy and healthy, though he spent most of his first 6 hours sound asleep,nursing just once! Mama-Lu was once again incredibly strong and brave, and is resting with the baby in the hospital.


We'll be home Friday. Matthew and Charlie should be home sometime after that to meet their baby brother.

Oh, and if you think he looks familiar it's because he could be Charlie's twin.

UPDATE: We're coming home today! Our hospital changed its policy sometime in the past week so that beta strep positive mothers' babies can be discharged after 24 hours!

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Little Tony! Your Auntie Sister sends you lots of kisses from CA. ALL your aunties are excited and we give JOYFUL thanks to God for your life. Jenny, your call yesterday meant a lot to me. What a thrill to be able to speak in person to the strong & brave mama. THANK YOU!!!

Congratulations to all!

Wow. That first picture doesn't look too happy.

I hope that, come August, ours is still chillin' like a villain:

Thanks everybody and CONGRATULATIONS NICK!


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