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...about Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee. Except I'm leaning even more towards Paul because he was the only candidate to vocally oppose preemptively nuking Iran in the June Republican debate. The only real problem I have with Paul is that he's a little too isolationist for my taste (though admittedly, the absurdity of nearly every single foreign policy statement from both parties' candidates gives Paul's position more and more credibility).

I'm glad to see the Democrats taking up the concerns of the working class, but they remain the party of The Unlimited Abortion License and the Unrestrained, Government-subsidized Libido. The Republicans, on the other hand, can't decide whether they want to be the party of Pillage and Burn Capitalism or the party of Killing All the Damn Arabs We Can. Paul is the only candidate who avoids both of the unconscionable extremes. That doesn't mean I favor legalizing prostitution or that I'm a gold-standard fanatic*, but the harm Paul can do where I disagree with him is far outweighed by the fact that voting for him doesn't mean I have to determine which is "better": nuking Persia or the more than one thousand abortions permitted in our country every day.

* - Even here, I think most people don't understand Paul's position -- he doesn't say the gold standard is the single best money we can have, but that we should have our government backed by something besides... er.... nothing, and that unless we amend the constitution, that something has to be gold or silver.

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