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...when you're all alone on a Wednesday night with no work the next day and you're trying to watch all three extended version Lord of the Rings movies:

  • Boromir's last battle
  • Gandalf and Eomer appearing on the hilltop on the morning of the 5th day
  • Merry and Pippin parting ways
  • "...and Rohan will answer! Muster the Rohirrim!"
  • Deeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath!
  • "I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now feel ashamed."
  • Eomer's anguished scream when he discovers Eowyn fallen on the battlefield


So, um, this should be a fun drive to catch up with the family for Thanksgiving.

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i agree! I have watched all 3 extended cuts of those movies over 150 times (I used to be a night shift nurse and what else does one do on one's night off????)

Exactly! In my situation, with two young'ns, it's hard to find 3 1/2 hours where I can watch Gollum an orcs and severed heads, let alone 11 hours for all three movies!


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