• From The Walrus - A Russian Tragedy - on the death of the Russian village. It's approved by Mama-Lu, the real Lu-family russophile.
  • On Point: radio interview with translators of new War and Peace edition. The NY Sun says it's too late to read the book, catch the movie instead. Also (via TSO), Newsweek (which has a snazzy new design, more compact and much more visually appealing than the old one): asks and asnswers the question: "Why do we need another translation of War and Peace anyway?" Also, the NY Review of Books calls it a triumph for the Russian language, "Tolstoy's Real Hero."
  • Chronicles runs an article on Russian foreign policy from the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs that the journal Foreign Affairs wouldn't run without severe editing (the article is less than 2500 words).
  • Former Russian political prisoner and curret opposition candidate for the State Duma Sergei Kovalev tries to explain "Why Putin Wins."
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