Is this the best we can do?


When the Tribune's "conservative" columnist's case against abortion is that "anyone who can go to black-tie dinners and face the haranguing of rich donors for his pro-life stance has the backbone to support tax cuts too," because, gee, politicians have never, ever been known to take cynical stances on issues to placate their constituencies and accumulate power.

On the other hand, we should take all the allies we can get, and he does go on to point out that in the face of their own doubts about when life begins, abortion advocates take the dubious line of "we don't know, so you can kill it." Goldberg probably represents many others around the country who, though they are not fully on board with respecting life from conception onward, still are uneasy with abortion on demand and wish to grant the fetus at least some legal protection. We should be happy to work with them and achieve what we can.

On the whole, however, the column is somewhat embarassing and definitely unhelpful. If he could get his tax cuts from pro-choice politicians, would he feel as strongly about protecting the unborn?

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