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Hello again everybody!

I'm still inside Mama here, growing and growing. It's dark and kinda scary, but my guardian angel takes good care of me. Sometimes I feel Poppy's hand on Mama's tummy trying to find me. Sometimes I hide and make him keep trying, because I like when he says, "Where are you, baby?" Sometimes I do kick, but he can't always feel it because I'm still really little. But when I kick in just the right place, he laughs and laughs and says "Hi Baby!"

I have two brothers, and boy are they loud! I wonder if I'll be as crazy as they are! The one they call "Charlie-Jo" tries to jump on top of me sometimes, but Mama makes him get off. I think I'll have lots of fun with them once I get born.

Oh yeah, remember, I'm supposed to be born at the end of January. Poppy says it'll be early February because my brothers were both late. I don't think Mama likes it when he says that. I don't know why! Please pray for Mama and me so that everything goes well.

I can't wait to meet you!

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