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Obstinate dislikers of Bishop Jenky the Peoria memo are asked to explain this excerpt from the 30 Days interview with Cardinal Castrillon-Hoyos:

Isn’t there also some apprehension that a small minority of believers may impose the mass of Saint Pius V on the parish? CASTRILLĂ“N HOYOS: Those who say that obviously haven’t read the motu proprio. It’s clear that no parish priest will be obliged to celebrate the mass of Saint Pius V. Only that if a group of the faithful, having a priest disposed to say it, asks to celebrate this mass, the parish priest or the rector of the church can’t oppose it. Obviously, if there are difficulties, it will be up to the bishop to act in such a way that everything takes place with respect and I would say commonsense in harmony with the universal Pastor.
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His Eminence is addressing concerns that a few of the faithful might impose their wishes on the parish, not that the priest might impose his own liturgical preferences on the parish. The priest cannot be forced to offer the extraordinary rite; at the same time he has a right to offer it. Further, the good Cardinal clearly says that if a group of the faithful in a parish secure a priest to celebrate the extraordinary form for them (a retired priest, maybe?), then the pastor "can't oppose it." So if my family belongs to St. Philomena, and we find a retired priest willing to offer the TLM for us and some other families in the parish, the pastor has to allow him the use of an altar (this is simply an application of Canon 903).

Silly, Chris.... the Tridentine Mass is the only legitimate way to say it... didn't you get the memo from SPX?


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