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The American Conservative has two pieces on Congressman Paul this week: Michael Brendan Dougherty has a very favourable profile while Kara Hopkins zeros in on the Paul/Giuliani spat from the Republican presidential debate and on the shameful way Paul has been treated since.

other Paul sightings:

Also, Catholics for Ron Paul is up and running.

I'm not quite on the Paul bandwagon, but he gets more appealing every day.

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It's definitely not a bandwagon. The "mainstream" pretty much hates us, passionately. This is certainly more of a geurilla movement. However, this is about the same conditions as existed in 1776. I invite you to join us. I'm sure any one of use can help answer questions that you may have which prevents you from announcing your support just yet.

I am puzzled by the general acceptance of the notion that the mainstream media will publicize who they wish and then claim that those who they don't publicize should be ignored because they're not getting any publicity. This circular and very dishonest thinking appears not to bother very many people. They sight the 'scientific' polls which are run almost entirely by themselves, the mainstream media.

We want you on the bandwagon, and bring the kids!!!

If you questions about his positions, please pop over to to post. We're a largely agreeable bunch.

We don't all agree with every stance that Paul takes, but we do all think he represents the change this country desperately needs.


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