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First, some blogger, I cannot now remember who, directs us to The Redistricting Game - gerrymander your way to permanent job security!

Second, has a pretty nifty new redesign.

I ran a search for Aramis Ramirez. The center of the screen gave a normal search result. The left sidebar gave a few different options: narrow search ("Is Aramis Ramirez married?" asked some enterprising female), expand search ("Chicago Cubs") and related searches ("Manny Ramirez").

But that wasn't it: after a few seconds, the left bar started filling out more, giving me more options. Now, I could narrow my search down to "Aramis Ramirez Jersey" or expand it to "Dominican Republic Baseball" There also appeared a column on the right side, where I could find images of A-Ram, his Wikipedia entry, and recent news and blog posts about him.

I'm sure google's not quite shaking in their boots yet. I think if I were searching for say, a specific page or article, I'd still use google. But if I were a blogger typing a post about, say, St. Boniface, this link puts on one page links to:

  • several hagiographical entries,
  • images I might swipe to put in my post,
  • other recent blog posts about St. Boniface, and
  • the story of the pagan oak tree.

Very neat stuff.

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