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  • Girls Gone Mild: The WSJ reviews Wendy Shalit's latest. Shalit authored the excellent (according to Jenny, I've not read it) Return to Modesty

  • Unnatural Acts - Ramesh Ponnuru, the only National Review writer I still read, had a review in the spring Claremont Review of Books that has finally made its way online. Here's the first graph:

    Toward the beginning of Challenging Nature, Lee Silver sounds a defensive note: "I do not claim that all expressions of spirituality are harmful or bad. Nor do I think that all biotech applications are inherently good, ethical, or risk-free." It was wise of the Princeton molecular biologist to include those two sentences. The reader might otherwise have been misled by every other sentence in the book into thinking that Silver considers religion a regrettable—though regrettably ineradicable—feature of human society, and that no serious limits should be placed on biotechnology.
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