Not that it's any of my business, but since Rick Garnett asked what we should think about the reunion of the Russian Orthodox Church with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, I thought I'd direct him to Daniel Larison, a convert to orthodoxy who was baptised in the ROCOR, who has unappreciative comments about the Nadia Kizenko article that sparked his question. Larison's blogging on the subject are here, here, here and here.

Since that's a lot to read, I'll summarize some of his key points: authentic communion is an unqualified good; the USSR is no more, so the issue of collaboration with the Soviets is moot; it's silly to think that Putin has gained any kind of control over ROCOR members (of whom there are really only about 150,000 worldwide); and finally, of course the process wasn't democratic (I add that as Catholics, we should see that as a good thing).

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