More reviews of Jesus of Nazareth


They're coming in a little heavier now

  • John Peter Pham, writing for PBS: The Key to the Keeper of the Keys - I haven't read this one yet, but it should be the most interesting of the bunch cited here.

  • The UK Times is, with reservations, impressed, though the reviewer is for some reason astonished (astonished!) that Benedict to an extent accepts some of the results of modern exegesis.

  • Time Magazine profiles a rabbi mentioned prominently in the book.

  • John Allen had a review back when the Italian edition came out. This week, he blogs Cardinal Martini's warm comments at the release of the French edition.

  • Reviewer for the UK Times online can't believe the Pope is Catholic.


  • Father Joseph O'Leary has a review too lengthy for me to read, but others may want to give it a shot. I'll give you a hint of his take: "One must declare groundless Benedict’s appeal to “canonical exegesis”, an exercise in biblical theology whereby any text from the Old or the New Testament can serve to explain any other biblical text."

  • Zadok had Initial Thoughts when the Italian edition first came out and has blogged much since.

  • At dotCommonweal, Lawrence Cunningham enjoyed the book and has several observations.


More to come, I'm sure!

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