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Much was made the past few weeks about the decision by Francis Beckwith - philospher, professor at Baylor University and blogger at the excellent Right Reason blog - to convert to Catholicism. Beckwith, who was raised as a Catholic but left the faith long ago and was president of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) when he decided to return to Catholicism (he has since resigned his post and left the ETS).

As inclined as I am to do back-flips or maybe a fancy end-zone dance at this victory for Christ and His Church, I also recognize that if we were to lose, say, Janet Smith to the Evangelicals, we wouldn't look on it very kindly if they were to gloat.

That said, it is a great thing and we Catholics should be happy.

My reason for blogging this belatedly is having stumbled across the June 2005 issue of Touchstone Magazine which contains an essay from Dr. Beckwith reflecting upon the teachings of then recently departed Pope John Paul II entitled, wait for it, "Vatican Bible School: What John Paul II Can Teach Evangelicals."

It would seem that he learned very much indeed.

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