Partial Birth


Remember when you read and listen to and watch all of the "Oh the horrror!" editorials and news reports and other media coverage of the Partial Birth decision that all the fist-shaking and rhetoric about "activist" courts is basically saying that banning this is a bad thing.

I've written before that there are dangers in focusing on partial-birth abortion because it's just one procedure, and to say that an abortion procedure is bad is to an extent to imply that the idea of abortion itself isn't so bad if it's done the right way. (In fact you have to assume that since opposition to partial birth abortion is higher than opposition to abortion in general, there are certain people who do believe this. People can be incredibly unthoughtful.)

Without retracting what I wrote (since I stil believe that there was shameful cynicism on the part of some supporters of the PBABA), I have to say I'm pleased by the Supreme Court's decision. As minor of an effect as it will have, it is a real step towards sanity in our abortion law. I hold little hope that in my lifetime we'll see unborn children accorded full legal protection, but even to get to the point where our laws reflect the general beliefs of the people would be nice.

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