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Phillipines preschool director takes kids hostage to demand more funding.

The school head who identified himself as Jun Ducat, has called a Manila radio station and demanded free education as well as free housing for a group of 145 preschoolers at Musmos Day Care Centre he runs in the city's depressed Tondo district, including the hostages.

In his radio discourse, Ducat pledged to "surrender" peacefully if his demands were met. "I love these children,” he said “that's why I am here. I will not start any shooting”.

Senator Alfredo Lim, a former Manila police chief, said Mr Ducat has a history of seeking attention. He held hostage two Catholic priests elsewhere in Manila in 1987 using fake grenades over a building contract dispute. The priests were later freed unharmed. “I'm sure this will end peacefully as well,” he said.

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