Racing Robots

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Oh how nice. The DI has an article about the robot race that was featured at the U of I Engineering Open House.

Funny thing about those engineers, though. You'd think they'd understand that when the program for the day says there will be robots from 9 AM - 4 PM, that people might just show up at, say, around 3 PM EXPECTING TO SEE ROBOTS. And by "see robots" I mean see them do robot stuff, not see them being packed up for the day and rolled out of the arena.


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I thought that most everything for EOH was over at 3pm... Maybe the Daily Idiots got it wrong.

I refer you to page 5 of this .pdf which reads (with my emphasis added):

Competition will take place from 9 am to 4 pm on both days with final rounds starting around 1 pm on Saturday, March 10th.

There will be rounds running at all times with bonus rounds and even crowd participation events spaced throughout the day."

Yeah, well... What can I say, Undergrads were in charge of the whole thing.

BTW, don't miss Bambenek's article on the Dawn Patrol and in the DI.

ooh, thanks for the reminder


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