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Adoremus has the first article in a two aprt series about a 1970s project to create a national collection of music approved for use in Catholic worship that failed miserably. In November, the U.S. Bishops conference approved a similar project, which was called for by the Vatican document Liturgiam authenticam.

I have mixed feelings about this. No, actually, they're pretty much all negative. The U.S. is far too big and far too diverse for any such hymnal to be meaningful to everybody. It seems like it would be much more realistic to work on a diocesan hymnal, or maybe a state-wide hymnal.

In fact, I actually would have warmer feelings towards a national hymnal if we had such regional resources already in existence from which it could draw. The way it is, however, I have little confidence that this won't be perceived by most - if not actually created so, which is a real possi---probability - as our liturgical elites telling us what we can and can't sing.

All of this is even before we get into the political aspects of traditional vs. folk vs. praise and worship music which will surely make this whole process exceedingly painful and in the end will likely satisfy none.

It is hard for me to see how this hymnal could be a catalyst of liturgical renewal, in fact, a hymnal that was instead the fruit of actual liturgical renewal would seem to have a better shot at being nationally "relevant," as the kids say.

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