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A transitional deacon of the Society of St. John Cantius writes about reclaiming the Catholic heritage of sacred music in Adoremus.

Realizing that the future of the Church rests with our children, the parish decided it was of supreme importance to form a choir for children and youth. The Chorus Innocentium Sanctorum (Choir of Holy Innocents), from its inception, has sought to teach the children of the parish the Church’s heritage of liturgical music. The choir includes youth from ages six to eighteen. Each Saturday morning the children and youth meet for two hours to learn the heritage of sacred music in both Latin and English.

The primary purpose of the choir is not to receive praise, but to give glory to God, and to catechize and edify the faithful. Children who have sung with the choir over the years are convinced of the importance of this. They develop a good understanding of sacred music, as well as its proper function in the liturgy. They learn the leadership skills necessary to advance the future of sacred music in the Catholic Church.

The children are excited to sing the chant and polyphony, as it involves them in the parish as leaders. The forty parishioners with whom Father Phillips met in 1988, including but one child, have now persevered to see this Choir of Holy Innocents grow to more than 100 active members

Hmmm... what a nice idea... Hint, hint.

Adoremus also has a piece about The Mundelein Psalter. Good things are happening in Chi-Town.

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Hey. Rome wasn't built in a day. If they've been working on this since 1988, we've got until 2025 to reach their level. :)

Yeah, but my kids won't be kids by then!

Though I suppose you have other things to focus on right now



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