More on NFP from Zippy


Zippy continues the NFP discussion, this time with handy charts.

And from a comment to an earlier post of his on the subject, I found this gem:

And the way much (though of course not all) of the literature treats NFP inverts all of that, treating a merciful accomodation as if it were food; and not just food, but special gourmet food that all the holiest people eat. Every choice to use NFP involves an admission of weakness. Admissions of weakness are OK, but they shouldn't be treated Oprah-style, as if everyone needs to be in therapy as the ordinary course of everyday life and as if our weaknesses are never to be transcended through effort and prayer. And there is something inherently perverse and unhealthy in treating weaknesses that way, as if they are something to be embraced rather than worked with and transcended.
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