Is You Daughter Playing the Ho on MySpace?


Don't Worry! "It's a necessary step in growing up."

"What adults don't get is that MySpace and YouTube are very complex and really quite innovative media that have a whole set of conventions of their own, which are not really meant very seriously and not taken very seriously," Broughton explained. "It's not really as personal as it seems."

This is not a parody. This is from ABC news.

There's more:

Rather than dismiss teenagers' expression of sexuality as a breakdown of values and decency, child development specialist Juvonen suggests parents and school administrators should talk with teens about what it means to display sexuality.

"It's the kind of dialogue that's missing from our schools at the moment: Have you thought about what that kind of picture does to people? What is the likely reaction for people who see that picture? " she said. "It's about adults learning what kids do on the Internet and using that information to help us prepare them to deal with the issues they have not thought about."

For parents still uneasy about MySpace, Friendster and Facebook, Broughton said consider social networking sites from a new angle. In an age where the pressure to weigh less and look hot can overwhelm young women, a teen girl posting her picture on the Internet can be seen as having a healthy self-image.

"Putting up pictures of yourself scantily dressed on MySpace is, in a way, kind of a good sign," he said. "The good news is that it's somebody who isn't horrified by their appearance. Also if they get some positive response, that can be very supportive."

I can literally think of nothing more morally horrifying than "school administrators" telling our little girls that posting videos of themselves pole-dancing in their training bras is a "good sign" of their "healthy self-image." And that they should feel supported by any "positive response" they receive.

Yes, Positive responses...

Seriously, if I worked for these guys I'd be paying a visit to Mr. Broughton's hardrive.

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