The DI today ran an AP piece on Al Capone's legacy in Chicago, which lives on despite the city's attempts to disown it.

It reminded me of my visit to France, almost 13 years ago. I was in Paris for a week and in a small town called Tarbes, actually in a "suburb" of Tarbes, for two weeks. Everywhere I went when I told people I was from Chicago, I got one of two reactions, either "Ahhh... Michael Jordan!"1 accompanied by a flick of the wrist as if shooting a basketball or "Al Capone! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!" accompanied by a mock tommy gun grip. This happened EVERYWHERE.

[1] At a town party I was at, everytime I walked by the bar, the bartender shouted "Chicago Bulls!" and gave me a whiskey and coke on the house. That night ended badly.

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