Christmas with the Pope


December 24th Angelus - "Tonight he will come for us. And he will also enter us, to live in the heart of each one of us."

Homily at Midnight Mass - "God's sign is the baby in need of help and in poverty."

Urbis et Orbis - "Our Saviour is born for all. We must proclaim this not only in words, but by our entire life, giving the world a witness of united, open communities where fraternity and forgiveness reign, along with acceptance and mutual service, truth, justice and love."

Angelus for St. Stephen's Day - "If Jesus had not been born on earth, men would not have been able to be born for heaven."

General Audience on Dec. 27 - "With Jesus' birth, God has manifested his good will toward everyone."

Angelus for the feast of the Holy Family - "[T]he most authentic and profound vocation of the family [is] supporting each one of its members on the path of discovery of God and of the plan he has ordained for them."

Angelus for Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God/World Day of Peace - "Today we contemplate Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary, in his attribute of true "Prince of Peace" (Isaiah 9:5). He "is our peace," who came to pull down the "wall of separation" that divides men and nations, that is, "enmity" (Ephesians 2:14)."

Papal Message for World Day of Peace - "The Human Person, The Heart of Peace."

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