"Choose Life" tags Permitted in Illinois

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Illinois came one step closer to issuing "Choose Life" specialty license plates last week, LifeSiteNews.com reports.

Last Friday, a ruling was handed down from the Northern Illinois District Court allowing the pro-adoption message "Choose Life" to be an option for specialty license plates in the State of Illinois. Citing First Amendment protection, Judge David Coar ruled in favor of Choose Life Illinois (CLI), explaining that their message is constitutionally entitled to be on Illinois license plates.

In Judge Coar's Memorandum it states that "…the Secretary of State is ordered to issue the 'Choose Life' plates." CLI, a pro-adoption organization, had filed the lawsuit against the Secretary of State, Jesse White, claiming that the process by which the "Choose Life" specialty license plate was disapproved in Illinois was "viewpoint discriminatory" in violation of the First Amendment and, therefore, unconstitutional.

It's unclear whether this was the last hurdle or whether the other side will pull any more stunts, but the article seems to imply that the plates will be available. If so, this brings one of the most ridiculous chapters in Illinois politics to a close. For years pro-abortion forces have blocked these locense plates for absolutely no plausible reason other than it might hurt the abortion industry.

Side note: one more reason to root for the bears this weekend: team owner Virginia McCaskey was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The McCaskeys can't manage a team, but they get some things right!

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Count my vote for buying this license plate. Great idea....


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