Many in Catholic Blogland (myself included) have noted that Pope Benedict loves to speak "off the cuff" either by departing from his prepared texts or (when he has the opportunity) by opening the floor up to questions. The quality of these impromptu remarks reveals a lot about not only the Holy Father's vast breadth and depth of knowledge, but also (especially in the Q and A sessions) his pastoral concern for those entrusted to him.

One such instance occurred this summer when Pope Benedict met with the priests of the diocese of Albano while vacationing nearby. He took questions from the priests, and the Vatican was kind enough to release the texts of his responses. Zenit has published these questions and answers on their website.

Question 1: On problems of priestly life
Question 2: On integrated pastoral care
Question 3: On the liturgy
Question 4: On the family
Question 5: On youth

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