Noonan Looks at Obama...


and shrugs her shoulders.

Meanwhile, Kevin Drum approvingly quotes some guy who pretends none of the criticism against Obama is substantive.

Quoth some guy:

Larry Kudlow, for example, criticized Obama for embracing Democratic Party policies, including support for raising the minimum wage and opposition to Social Security privatization and drilling in ANWR. Similarly, Fred Barnes went after Obama for holding traditionally liberal policy views. This is hardly fodder for a smear campaign.

How dare anybody attack the man hailed as the centrist, fresh face of the Democrat party simply because he's demonstrably stale and radically left? Drum et al can't have it both ways. Is he the centrist saviour sent to unite left and right or is he the San Francisco liberal from Hawaii via Indonesia and Harvard whose voting record hangs on the refrigerator doors of NARAL and the ACLU?

The point is not simply that Obama is a far-left liberal. The point is that policy-wise, Obama is indistinguishable from Ted Kennedy, yet he is hailed as a centrist simply because he stood on a national platform and said blue-staters "worship an Awesome God." The Obama as centrist "meme" (as the kids say) is being replicated to death and it is simply not true.

Back to some guy:

I’m sure GOP attack dogs will dig up plenty of dirt on Obama, and if they don’t, they’ll make stuff up. But in the meantime, we’re left with a progressive, church-going Democrat with big ears. C’mon, right-wing machine, what kind of smear-job is this?

Dear sir, the smear-job is nowhere close to even starting. I don't say that to defend slash and burn politics, but merely to point out the obvious. If there were a smear campaign were going on, "Tony Rezko" would be a household name.

The slime machine, however, has not kicked in. What is happening is that those of us who are not enchanted by Obama and his compelling story are taking an objective look at who Obama actually is and are uniformly unimpressed. I'll grant that the Kudlows and Barnes (and even the beloved Noonans) of the world aren't exactly objective, but you don't need to sling any mud to point out the large gap between who Obama is and who his cheerleaders want us to think that he is.

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