History Comes Full Circle


Unfortunately, that circle is a noose.

40 years ago, a bunch of French Marxists set out to "deconstruct" Western Culture. They planned to unseat the capitalist patriarchy and set up a Marxist Utopia.

Fortunately, they lost. Champions of freedom stampeded Marxism globally. Now, the only place you'll find post-modern theory is on the op-ed pages of major newspapers and university liberal arts departments.

Unfortunately, the Marxists happened to be right in that unbridled Capitalism was fundamentally unjust and would itself destroy society.

History, being the ironic S.O.B. that it is, Capitalists are accomplishing the consumerization of the world by co-opting post-modern theory not for Marxism, but for marketing.

Oh, and while we're at it, economists are scientizing hedonism. Their sort-of good intentions will lead mostly to large-scale suffering.

Just a little pre-Christmas doom and gloom for you.

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