Kos, The Republic of Virtue and My Cubbies


This has already been all over the place, but here it is again: Wonkette interviews Kos for a liberal blogger love-fest on Wired.

The revelations:

  • The tidbit that has drawn the most attention:
    An activist who has succeeded in mobilizing so many passionate users might next head for a career inside the political machine. Run for office. Start a PAC. Become a consultant. But no. At what's arguably the top of his game, Moulitsas says he's "going offline" next year, taking his obvious knack for building online communities and applying it to that other great American pastime: sports. And once he gets his network of sports blogs ramped up, he'll turn to building communities in the real world, a chain of giant meeting places "replicating megachurches for the left" – complete with cafés and child care. Moulitsas has shown he can harness people's enthusiasm, but he says he doesn't want a leadership role in these "democracy centers."...

    While working on the mechanics of the sports blogs, he plans to embark next year on building real-world destinations for progressives and liberals throughout the Midwest, "cultural outposts" designed to attract thousands of like-minded liberals. "Each one of these would have a vast left-wing conspiracy component," he says, like leadership training or discussions on progressive issues.

    Over at The Corner, Byron York has been having fun with this: see here, here and here. If Kos is looking for a name, he might try the Temple of Reason.

  • Kos is a Cubs fan. Figures. Like we can collectively be any more disgraced. Daniel Larison says that this explains his whining, but I disagree. Kos is the neighborhood bully, he whips his minions into a frenzy and then sends them after the enemy du jour. Cubs fans serenely accept their fate, stubbornly supporting our team, win or lose (mostly lose), regardless of management's demonstrated indifference to our long suffering. We are much more like Republican voters than the Kossacks.

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