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Well, the Lu-family is in the middle of our first major family purchase. We're buying a station wagon to haul the family around in. It's a white 97 Volvo with the old-school third row of seating that faces the rear. We went up to Chicago to see it and leave a down payment on Saturday. On Monday morning, I'm going to swing by the bank and get our loan which we got approved for and then we're going to head back up north to pick up the new Loogy-Mobile!

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I was rasied in Volvo stationwagons. (Mostly 1980's vintage, but my dad had a 1967 that I got to use when I was 16-18). Including the third seat that folded into the trunk that we used for long trips. I remember one family vacation that we had to find slopes to park on because something was wrong with the starter an my folks had to bump-start the car every time. :)

I've got to say that when we bought a stationwagon (Saturn), I really felt like I was turning into my folks. And it was a good feeling. Like driving a stationwagon is a prerequisite to parenthood.

I suppose these days, people would say that the minivan is the iconic parental vehicle, but there's something about a wagon (especially the old school kind as opposed to the second generation wagons like the Ford Focus wagon and the Toyota Matrix - look at that, I don't even officially own the thing yet and I'm already getting snobby) that screams "only a parent would drive this." That makes it especially attractive to me.

We're wagon-owner wannabe's but currently stuck with our minivan which I intend to drive until its own demise (out of pure financial necessity).
But thanks for making me feel like a minivan loser, Chris. (sniff) It's ok (sniff)...I understand. ;)


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