Harold's coming to Champaign

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Unless you've been to a Harold's Chicken Shack, you cannot grasp what it means that one is coming to Campustown.

Let's put it this way: every one I've been to has bulletproof glass between the cashier and customer.

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Well, if the developer and/or builders were feeling a bit puckish, they could always build the Campustown Harold's with bulletproof glass, for that real Chicago experience.

The only Harold's I've ever seen was in De Kalb, and they did not use the bulletproof-glass gimmick.

I didn't know there was one in DeKalb. Wow.

Well, the ones I went to were on the southside of Chicago, in areas where the glass was a necessity.

I wonder if this is a demographic thing or something else...

Harold's chicken is good food. Unfortunately the bulletproof glass is prevalent in businesses in bad neighborhoods in Chicago. You could probably see bulletproof glass at a large number of gas stations on the South Side of Chicago. Let's hope with Champaign's atmospher, the glass won't be necessary.

I hear one is open now. I'm going to try it out.


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