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On Point: Winifred Gallagher: House Thinking.

"Home," said Robert Frost, "is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in." But if that home is a house, how will it make you feel once you're there?

Psychology editor Winifred Gallagher has written a psychological tour of the American home, room by room. She calls it "House Thinking" but it's really about how houses make us feel - and why. About how we shape houses, and then they shape us -- for years, maybe for life. The alcove that enfolds. The shaft of morning sun. The intimate and the public faces. From Edith Wharton's bedroom to McMansion-land.

Hear about how our houses make us think and act and feel.

I listened to this show a while back, and Mama-Lu's reading the book. The interview was Very thought-provoking, though I'll let Mama-Lu comment (if she wants) on the details, as she is far and away the home guru of the family.

I will say that this gets to what I actually liked about Crunchy Cons. Both books speak to the need for a more reflective lifestyle. Whereas the home chapter of Crunchy Cons (like the rest of the book) deals with this in an ethical and environmental sense (where you live, size of house, etc.), Gallagher talks about tailoring our environment - be it by remodeling or simply moving stuff around - to our lifestyle. Changing our setup to reflect the needs of how we live - or how we want to live - can result in a more pleasurable living experience and overall peace of mind.

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