Making old ladies cry


We had a meeting at our parish on Tuesday, and afterwards, I wanted to check out our new adoration chapel. After some confusion over how to get in (try the door, dummy!), I walked Matthew in and knelt with him in front of the monstrance while Mama-Lu held Charlie. There were two other people in there, including an elderly woman, so I whispered to Matthew that Jesus was there, and he whispered "Hi."

Next I said we were going to say a prayer, so we made the sign of the cross and I prayed the Hail Mary while Matthew stood with his head down, hands together and whispering, which is how he prays. You really need to see it to understand how cute it is.

Then I said we had to leave and asked Matthew to say bye. He forgot to whisper and said in his normal voice, "Bye-bye Jeez!" At this, the woman, seated behind us, let out an audible gasp. I thought she was going to pass out. I turned around and she was all smiles.

I'm used to Matthew and Charles filling my day with joy (well, when they're not filling it with rage). There are a thousand hidden moments that Jenny and I have experienced together with our children in the quiet of our home - moments of kindness, or exceptional feats of agility, strength or just plain cuteness - that approximate moments of spiritual conversion in the joy they bring. It makes me happy and yes, just a bit proud to be abe able to share some of that happiness with others.

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