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I'm sorry, but I refused to be disturbed by the fact that Madonna is bringing her travelling crucifixion circus to Rome. Her very stage name is an insult against the Blessed Mother and throughout her career she has relished any opportunity to give the Catholic Church the finger. If her latest antics disappoint you in some way, you need to lower your expectations.

Madonna is an aging pop star who has lost whatever sex appeal she thought she once had and who clings to whatever cutting edge status she still retains by performing more and more outrageous stunts and kicking back while the ensuing outrage gives her invaluable publicity. Maybe she was once a force for changing culture, but now she's a parasite, manufacturing outrage and profiting off of it.

For goodness sake, just ignore her.

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Let us all just pray for her soul. Some of the biggest opponents of the church throughout history have become the most staunch supporters, the Apostle St. Paul being one of the first.


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