Dear Jennifer

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3 years ago today...


When we bound ourselves together, I could have not have imagined our life could be so rich in only three short years.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let all men know your forbearance. The Lord is at hand. Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

To celebrate (and to satiate the masses), here are a few photos of the boys, dating back to January:

off to work.JPG






Only Seven Months Old.JPG

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Happy anniversary! I remember racing (yes, literally racing) to Peoria in time to be one of the lectors, and to get there in time for the announcement that the mother of the bride was delayed... I don't remember what the reading was.

Another memorable memory from the reception was PoleGuy finding out that the Guiness was open.

I also took down the name of a book that Msgr. quoted in his homily. I haven't tracked down the book, but I still have the scrap of wedding program that I wrote it down on.

Hi Brandon,

The funny thing is, it was actually MY mom who had the "problem" and the porblem was that we had put a typo in the directions so she - along with many others - got off at the wrong exit.

Actually, the first 10 minutes after our wedding was supposed to begin would make a pretty funny post someday. I'll put that on my "to-do" list.

The OT was Proverbs ("She puts flesh on his bones" - That's never been a problem here) and the NT was the Phillipians quote above.

We have a picture from the reception of Chris Hamelly drinking Guiness in a Champagne glass.

Speaking of books.... check your email....

Congrats, you two, and many happy returns.

Hi Chris and Jenny! Happy anniversary! It's a great day! And your boys are completely beautiful. We are so blessed to have you for friends. I remember the angelic female voices singing at your wedding, and that I loved Jenny's calla lillies, which were what I also carried at my own wedding. I remember the devotion to Mary outside after the wedding, even though I was kind of spacey and didn't realize what to do until almost too late. :) But it was a glorious day, and I hope your icecream didn't leave you scrambling for the Pepto Bismol (oh wait, that would be me...)

Happy anniversary!

And my regards to the mafia... erm... groomsmen...

Happy Anniversary you crazy kids :)

We thought of you yesterday - thanks for letting me a part of the festivities.

God bless you all more and more abundantly!

Rosie, David and Gianna

Happy anniversary! Happy kiddos! Happy life!

Hey Congrats you two - such happy, shiny faces. I just now discovered your blog. Great job! Tracy has been blogging for many months now, and she sucked me into it too. However, my blog lacks whimsical Bambenek comments. Cheers.

Doesn't seem like it has been three years! My feeble brain still remembers a lot of the details, including the reception and dancing. The picture of your oldest son jumping on the furniture also reminds me of his aunts and uncles doing the same!


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