World Meeting of Families


Next month, Valencia, Spain will host the Fifth World Meeting of Families (WMF), sponsored by the Archdiocese of Valencia and the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Here is the English Website for the event.

Note that while the English homepage does not seem to be fully translated, the other links are. For those with less time or patience, here are some direct links of interest:

  • Catechesis - Featuring an address the Holy Father gave last June to a Rome Diocesan meeting on the family as well links to the outlines of the various catechetical talks that will be given at the WMF next month.

  • Congress - The meeting will feature an International Theological Pastoral Congress from July 4-7. There will actually be three Congresses, as a Children's Congress and a Parents' Conference will take place simultaneously.

  • Documents - Here are some documents on marriage and the family as well as some general intercessions that can be used at Mass.

  • Program - Though currently blank, I'm guessing there will eventually be a list of events at the WMF.

The FAQ page is unformatted and hard to read so for your benefit and my own, here are the highlights, a little more nicely presented:

  1. Who is organising this Meeting (V EMF)? The Pontifical Council for the Family is responsible for the organisation of the World Meetings of Families. In Valencia, a Valencian-Community Foundation "V Encuentro Mundial de la Familia Valencia 2006" (V World Meeting of Families Valencia 2006) has been specially formed for this occasion, and within it is represented not only the Archbishop of Valencia, but also the various different Valencian public authorities. The World Meetings of Families are an initiative of John Paul II who, from 1994 onwards, convoked and presided over the first four. These took place in Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Rome again (for the millennium) and Manila. At the last of these he announced that the next one would be celebrated in Valencia in 2006, and he encouraged its preparations thereafter.
  2. Will Benedict XVI attend? Yes. The Pope has now officially confirmed that he will be in Valencia on 8 and 9 July when he will be celebrating the concluding Mass.
  3. What will the V EMF consist of?
    • International Fair of the Family: 1-7 July
    • International Theological and Pastoral Congress: 4-7 July
    • Family Rosary: 7 July < li>Eucharistic Celebrations by language groups: 8 July
    • Festive and Testamentary Meeting: 8 July
    • Concluding Mass presided over by the Pope: 9 July
  4. Can I attend if I am not a Catholic? The V EMF is open to all those who confess through their lives that "if they are to give a truly human face to society, no people can ignore the precious good of the family, founded on marriage" and "that in accordance with God's plans, marriage and the family are irreplaceable and permit no other alternatives." (Benedict XVI)
  5. Can I collaborate with the V EMF in any other way? Can I suggest links or material for this page? Can I send a photograph of my family or our comments? Of course you can! You can contribute by spreading the word about the V EMF to others and by referring them to this website. If, besides, you wish to send us any contributions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to do so.
  6. How can I prepare for the V EMF and help others to prepare for it too? On the preparation page, later on you will find materials that develop the theme and contents of the V EMF, and that will help you to be organised from the start. In many cases you will be able to use them directly. The Prayer for V EMF is a valuable form of spiritual preparation.
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