Going Back to Cali (for the 1st time)


We're outta here!

The entire Lu-clan is going on a 5 day jaunt to sunny California (because you know, June is when you want to be heading south) to visit my sister-in-law, whom I've only met once.

"Why only once?" you ask. Because she is a Carmelite Sister of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles! We're going to Alhambra for a visit and will be staying with the Carmelites.

This is my first trip west of the Grand Canyon, so I'n pretty psyched for it, and word on the street is the Carmelites can't wait to meet my two boys. Here's hoping the place is still standing next week!

We're leaving first thing Saturday A.M. and will be gone until Thursday. Alert the media and hold all my calls.

And a special thanks goes out to Lisa (who is sitting in my living room talking to Mama-Lu right now) for making the tickets happen!

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