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BBC News invited a man named Guy Kewney for a live news piece on an Internet downloading verdict recently handed down. The interviewer began by asking him if he was suprised by a recent verdict on a downloading case, and Guy expresses (in a thick accent) surprise, because "they told me something else," that he "got an interview." It doesn't quite make sense, but the interviewer picks up from there and continues for a minute and a half.

The surprise Guy was talking about was the suprise of being on television at all. You see, the gentleman interviewed was not Guy Kewney, he was Guy Goma, a man who had come to the BBC studio to be interviewed for an IT job. The producer went into the wrong waiting room and asked for "Guy." Guy Kewney was later found still waiting in a reception room.

Here's the video of the interview.

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I've seen the clip...it must be one of the funniest 'natural' events of the year. And I think Guy Goma should be the job. I don't know how is as an IT guy, but he sure showed a greeat deal of grace under pressure.


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