Sorry, Barry

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Speaking of Bonds...

May has been a tough month for Cubs' fans. The Cubs won on May 1st and haven't won since. 8 straight losses, and we don't even get a day off until Monday. Most of these games have been played on the west coast, which means going to bed not knowing what that night's game's result will be, and waking up to dissappointing news.

Last night, however, brought one of the greatest moments of the year.


Here is Juan Pierre robbing Barry Bonds of the homerun that would have tied him with Babe Ruth for number 2 on the all-time homerun list.

I would rather see the Cubs get swept in SanFran and bring the losing streak to ten than see Bonds rounding the bases for the 714 time against my Cubs.

Here's hoping.

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I agree, I would rather see someone beat The Babe's record, then to steal it. Bonds will do it, I don't see anyway around it, but it will always be tainted. I am a Reds fan, and while I hate to admit it, Pete Rose's all time hit record is tainted, while I personally don't think it should be, it is pretty much tabo to even mention it on national TV. So Mr. Bonds while this will be in the spot light for a few weeks, get ready because it will be forgotten pretty much the way Rose's record has been forgotten.


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